Remember the Good Old Days

PastSigns specialise in digital reprodutions of rare antique print and advertising.
We have a huge library of original vintage ads for the collector, including food and beverage, agriculture, steam engines, tools, automotive, hardware, and more......

In the beginning my wife purchased a metal sign to go a chopping block cabinet that I modified. Guess what? It didn't fit and this was the beginning. Being involved in printing and reproduction a challenge now existed to solve this problem. Can I make something that will fit on the door of the cabinet? First came the research on what might work and to satisfy my wifes request for it to be metal, then came the next problem "What will the image be?" After some experimentation the first reproduction was on the lid of a washing machine that was found lying around. The results were pleasing so began the search for artwork and materials to manufacture a metal sign as we now do. The sizes have varied over the years and we now have two standard sizes that we will produce which are 400x290 and 290x205.

Changing technologies have mean't continual change of equipment and supplies with many failures and experiments taking place. Collecting artwork and old ephemera and old artwork from magazines became a passion for brands that existed.
Not only do we now make our own signs but also have developed artwork for old tractors, engines, equipment and much more from the past for Waralana Signs and Vintage Mugs.